Independent Property and Casualty actuaries, serving the needs of a rapidly-changing insurance industry



Established in 1998, Baron Insurance Services strives to go beyond the numbers, using creative analysis and inference to delve into the why, where, when, and how of the rapidly-changing P&C insurance industry.

We bring innovative ways of approaching the business, whether through improving the understanding of the underlying drivers of financial success, or through finding how to better serve the buyers of insurance.

Our Favourite Quote:

We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started,
And know the place for the first time.

-T.S. Eliot


We are pleased to offer independent, Canadian-specific expertise in:

Traditional Actuarial Services:

  • Rate filings, Statistical Reporting and other regulatory requirements.
  • Appointed Actuary role and reserve analysis.

Expanded Actuarial Consulting:

  • Insightful business modeling & Dynamic Capital Adequacy Testing (DCAT)
  • Integrated solutions for product development, pricing and marketing.

Corporate Strategy:

  • What to sell, to whom, via which channel, for how much.
  • Direct Response, Call Centre and Internet-based product development and pricing.
  • Analysis of Merger and Acquisition Opportunities (both Insurance Companies and Brokerages).
  • Analysis and Structuring of Appropriate Alternative Funding Mechanisms.


  • Development and Implementation of effective reinsurance programs.
  • Research and analysis for reinsurers and industry organizations.

Expert Witness Role:

  • Rate filings, Financial Allocation and Analysis, Regulatory Impact



Barbara Addie

B.Math., F.C.A.S., F.C.I.A. – Principal

(416) 486-0093

Barb joined the P&C insurance industry in 1979. She has held management portfolios of increasing responsibility culminating in her appointment as President and CEO of a large P&C insurance group that included two insurance companies and two independent brokerages. She has extensive experience in the development and implementation of effective corporate strategies relating to distribution, customer segmentation, pricing, product development, and marketing. She has bought and sold both insurance companies and brokerages, established direct response call centre operations, and managed the implementation of Information Technology systems. She has expertise in developing effective reinsurance programs, alternative funding mechanisms, and commercial rating structures.

Barb holds a Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours, Co-op) degree from the University of Waterloo and is a Fellow of both the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

Ron Miller

Ph.D., F.C.A.S, F.C.I.A. – Principal

(416) 486-0097

Ron has been active in the P&C insurance industry since 1977. Working for insurance industry associations, insurance companies and consulting firms, Ron has a broad base of experience in all aspects of P&C insurance. He has extensive experience in Automobile Insurance, where he has authored and co-authored numerous reports for the Insurance Bureau of Canada in Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland, and for other clients in British Columbia and Manitoba. He has extensive experience in risk analysis, statistical analysis, and the development of alternative funding mechanisms, including the establishment and ongoing management of reciprocal insurance exchanges. He is the Appointed Actuary for several insurers.

Ron holds a Master of Science degree in Statistics and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in the Theory of Probability, both from the University of Toronto, and is a Fellow of both the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

Lynn Nielsen

F.C.A.S, F.C.I.A. – Consultant

(416) 486-1036

Lynn joined the P&C insurance industry in 1979. Working for a number of consulting firms, Lynn has a broad base of experience in all aspects of P&C insurance.

Lynn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Mathematics and Psychology) from Wilfred Laurier University and is a Fellow of both the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. She is also a member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

Marino Vasantharajah

F.C.A.S – Consultant

(416) 486-0066

Marino graduated from Concordia University with a B. Sc. Actuarial Mathematics and Finance in June 2012, and became a Fellow the Casualty Actuarial Society in 2019.

As a mathematics and physics tutor at the university level, Marino demonstrates strong communication and analytical skills, and brings programming expertise to our team. He won the Millenium Excellence Award and Alan Liddiard Memorial Award in 2009.

Olivier Bensimon


(514) 910-1451

Olivier graduated with Great Distinction from Concordia University in 2020, with a B.Sc Specialization in Actuarial Science.  He is fluently bilingual in English and French, and is proficient in SAS and Excel.  He brings work experience in analytics and reserve analysis, and is progressing towards an Associate designation.